Know Your Ingredients

Tarte Asian Yogurt is the real deal, 100% all natural. It is a marriage of great taste and a healthy guilt free snack.

Made with 100% milk from California dairies and real exotic fruit flavors, Tarte is packed with protein, probiotics, calcium, and 4 other essential electrolytes. With less sugar than any other flavored high-protein yogurt, our yogurt is only 110 calories per 6 oz cup.

Our ingredients are Non-GMO!

As a family business, we at Tarte Foods care very much about transparency and are proud to say that no genetically modified organisims (GMO) or ingredients have been knowingly used in our products carrying the Non-GMO claim. It’s not enough to slap a label onto an item and call it non-GMO and we want you to know that we care about your values. In order to be included as an ingredient for Tarte Foods, it must be non-GMO from the source and seed. Click here to see our position statement.

Why California?

Our milk is sourced locally, fresh from California dairies where 99% of the farms are family owned and operated. What’s awesome is that some of these farms are well into their 3rd and 4th generations and we take great pride in supporting these amazing family dairies. In addition, all of the milk we use is certified to be rBST and rBGH Free.  

In partnership with our local farmers in California, they passionately work to produce the best tasting high quality milk available and we wouldn’t want it any other way. When you eat Tarte, we want you to be happy too! So put a smile on and go get Tarte!

Growing Production Needs

Thanks to all of our fans and increasing support, our need for production and distribution has been growing. In our search for the best ingredients and the right manufacturing partner possible, we have transitioned production to a larger facility in Southern California.

In making this transition, it was essential for us to partner with a facility that shared common ideals. Most notably, a commitment to the environment and social responsibility.

Our manufacturing partner shares a sustainable philosophy that continually works to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. With a Zero Waste initiative, their anaerobic digester systems create renewable methane and green electrical energy.  Additionally, their use of wastewater treatment systems contribute to the sustainability ideals of conservation of water and energy, as well as a reduction of greenhouse gasses.

Kosher Certified

We are officially Kosher Certified! That includes our ingredients that we source and our partner’s manufacturing facility.  No compromises.  Nada.  Zilch. –Shalom!

Your Exotic Fruit Flavors

Using the best tasting, highest quality fruit on the market, our premium 100% natural fruit purees are made absolutely free of artificial ingredients, flavors, colors and preservatives of any kind. For our Green tea and honey flavor, we use real matcha and organic honey. Pure and simple, that’s how mom did it, and that’s how we’re gonna do it.


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