The Team

Winston L.


When Henry came up with the idea of bringing their Mom’s Asian Yogurt to market, a spark was lit. Winston’s office chair became less comfortable and he was anxious to get started. Winston is our Team Captain and leads Tarte with overall strategy, vision and organization. Born and raised in California, Winston’s love of the outdoors, particularly any beach or mountain, has inspired Winston to live a very active and healthly lifestyle. His desire for an easier and better snack before and after his workouts led him to the creation of Tarte. Prior to Co-founding Tarte with Henry, he completed his Bachelors Degree at UCLA and Masters at USC and has spent more than 10 years working in Finance and Real Estate. His focused and disciplined approach as well as his experience in an entreprenuer driven firm brings Tarte a level of organization that rivals the Dewey decimal system–at least in our eyes.

Henry H.


Without Henry, the idea of Tarte would not have existed. From the time he could drink from a sippy cup, he has been eating his mother’s homemade yogurt. To this day there is something about the aroma, the taste, and the velvety smooth feel that brings back a nostalgia. Currently, he brings these memories to life in this yogurt we share with you. His creative ideas for flavors and problem solving have helped make this possible. As an experienced Nurse Practitioner, Henry is an advocate for health and nutrition. In particular, he is interested in maximizing nutritional value in the food we eat, which is especially important for the human body during exercise, growth, healing, and other states of high energy demand. His expertise and creativity has made him an invaluable team member to Tarte.

Gregg W.


Gregg has always been the all-star in balancing his love for the great outdoors and his passion for corporate venture ever since his days at UCSB. Gregg has a decade of experience in finance and consulting; helping dozens of companies, ranging from massive defense contractors to tech startups. Prior to joining Tarte, Gregg spent his career at two international consulting firms and a Big 4 public accounting firm.  Bringing valuable experience in accounting and management consulting, he is a 100% natural partner to Winston and Henry.  Having been close friends for some time, he was their first #1 fan of Tarte yogurt.  His successful track record in corporate governance and his All Star skills warrants our franchise tag.

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