Asian Yogurt?

A Blend of Old World French Tradition with a Lighter Sweet Taste of Asia


“The Lighter Subtly Sweet Taste”

Tarte Asian Yogurt has a lighter subtly sweet taste compared to most flavored yogurts, yet it is still very smooth and creamy for a high protein yogurt. Inspired by a popular style found in Southeast Asia that is commonly sold by street vendors and coffee shops all around Vietnam. The smooth and creamy texture stems from classic French influences that were introduced during the colonial period of French Indochina, whereas the subtle sweetness and tart-tanginess comes from traditional Asian influences. Our unique style is made by gently cooking milk to caramelize the natural sugars, while our key nutrients are retained by not straining, giving Tarte 2x calcium of Greek yogurt as well as a higher concentration of other essential electrolytes such as Potassium & Magnesium. With its signature smooth, creamy texture and very light sweetness, Tarte is a new alternative to traditional and Greek yogurt with 12 grams of protein but without a thick chalky texture or off-putting sour taste.

“The Culture”

Through nearly 200 years of French trade and colonization, the fusion of French and Southeast Asian culture took shape through the introduction of butter, coffee, cured meats and even the current alphabet. French culinary influence on the cuisine of Southeast Asia is present in many dishes, but more importantly it is also found in our Asian Yogurt. The uniqueness of its style and taste is the result of a slow cooking process that caramelizes the natural sugars found in milk.

“Culture you can Taste”

We at Tarte have studied this style very closely and have introduced a modern take on this old recipe, which offers 2X the protein of regular yogurt and 2X the calcium of the leading Greek yogurt. With probiotic cultures and a protein to sugar ratio of nearly 1:1, we’re sure Tarte will be appealing to everyone from the pickiest of children to the most health conscious food shoppers.

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