Know Your Nutrition


The Real Advantage

Our yogurt ingredients are simple and fresh, nothing artificial, no starches, no modifiers, no added hormones or colors and no preservatives of any kind. Carefully prepared ingredients delivered fresh to your grocer.

With an average of 30 less calories, 25% less sugar, and 2x the calcium (about 35% of the recommended daily value),  Tarte stands above the leading flavored Greek yogurt — Tarte is the Natural Choice!

But wait, there’s more! Tarte features 2x the protein of regular yogurt, all with ZERO fat!

Electrolytes?!?  Yeah we’ve got them!

Tarte Yogurt is a great source of electrolytes, just like the milk that it is made with, Tarte has the full range of electrolytes; calcium, phosphate, magnesium, sodium, and potassium. With all this goodness, it is an ideal pre and post workout snack. Fuel and replenish your electrolytes with the best all natural sources, milk and yogurt!

Why This Matters

It’s no surprise when we workout and sweat that we lose precious electrolytes. To prevent muscle fatigue from electrolyte loss, we need to supply our bodies with the right fuel and the electrolytes that help our brain, nerves and muscles do the magic that they do. Eating Tarte Yogurt before and after a workout can help to maintain your body’s electrolyte, protein and sugar balance to run and operate efficiently.

Probiotics!?! We have that Too!

Yogurt has been around for centuries and has been used to improve the balance of good microorganisms in the digestive tract. Within our bodies are billions of bacteria, some good, some bad, and can outnumber our cells by 10 to 1. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are associated with digestive health. The most important strain in the small intestine is Lactobacillus, and in the colon it is Bifidobacteria also known as Bifidus.

Lucky for you, Our yogurt has both! Eating Tarte yogurt is a fantastic way to add probiotics to your diet which makes our great tasting yogurt good for you and your tummy.

Probiotics contribute to multiple bodily functions. They assist food and nutrient absorption, boost the immune system, and inhibit harmful bacteria.1 They also help manufacture many of the B vitamins and vitamin K. Probiotics digest lactose, help normalize cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and help breakdown and rebuild hormones.2

Why This Matters

There is a lot of new research that is studying the benefits of yogurt and probiotics to alleviate intestinal problems, prevention and treatment of stomach upset, intestinal inflammation and infections. By eating yogurt with active and live cultures like Tarte, you can help maintain a proper balance of that friendly flora. (If prescribed for you, talk to your healthcare provider about your symptoms before making any changes to or discontinuing any medication regimen)

Balance.–1:1 Ratio

High in protein, not in calories. The “Original” Tarte yogurt  is the ideal pre and post-workout snack with 12 grams of protein and only 13 grams of sugar. Packed full of electrolytes, Tarte yogurt has what it takes to replenish the energy and recovery needs for your healthy lifestyle.

With a near 1:1 protein to sugar ratio, The “Original” Tarte yogurt can help keep your diet balanced.

Why This Matters

The most immediate fuel our bodies use is carbohydrate from the foods we eat. Carbohydrates are great, but when out of balance it can limit your true potential.

With a balanced diet and proper nutrition, the body responds to sugars and carbohydrates by supplying the body with just the right amount of insulin to power you up!

Too Much Sugar

When too much sugar or carbohydrate is eaten at one time, blood sugar levels can spike. When blood sugars rise very high and quickly the pancreas makes a large amount of insulin to try and bring blood sugars back down to a normal level. The rate that foods increase blood sugar can be measured on a scale called the glycemic index. Foods that raise blood sugars very quickly are considered high on the glycemic index (GI). Foods that are converted to glucose slowly are considered low on the glycemic index. Low GI foods include protein, whole grains, most vegetables, milk, yogurt and nuts.

Glycemic Load

Gycemic Load (GL) is another important concept that can be compared to eating a hard sugar peppermint candy versus drinking a whole can of soda. Both will have a high glycemic index, but the overall amount of sugar is much less in the single candy than the can of soda. So the value of this relates to the rate the body absorbs the sugar and the total amount of sugar that the body is fed.

During an intense workout, swim, bike ride, or run, more fuel (as in glycemic load) is needed and supplying high levels of sugar or high GI foods may be appropriate since the muscles need and burn that energy quickly. Before or after a workout, try feeding your body something more balanced. 


When we eat foods or meals that are well balanced, blood sugars are more likely to remain stable and rise at reasonable levels and result in lower insulin demands preventing sharp drops and a “sugar crash”.

Foods with a low glycemic index release sugars into the bloodstream slowly and steadily. Studies have consistently reported that a low GI pre-exercise meal results in better maintenance of blood glucose concentrations during exercise and a higher rate of fat metabolism. A potential benefit is improved muscle endurance to allow you to make the most out of your workout.

It was also reported that:

Low glycemic diets metabolize blood sugar in a way that leaves people feeling full, Ludwig explained, keeping hunger at bay and, at least according to preliminary research, helping to maintain a person’s normal metabolic rate. Protein can also help a person feel full. – The Boston Globe

The Roller Coaster

Excessive sugars and an intense insulin response causes blood sugars to elevate and drop sharply. Over the next few hours, blood sugar may go too low sometimes called a “sugar crash” or reactive hypoglycemia. Foods with concentrated sugar or an excessive volume of carbohydrates without being balanced by low GI foods like protein or some fiber can cause a roller coaster effect that can leave you with a headache or feeling tired and sleepy  preventing you from having an effective workout or workday.

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